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Choosing the Perfect Frame for a Black and White Photo

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There's something about black and white photography that has made it stick around long after the advent of colour film. The stark monochrome shadows and highlights create tonnes of atmosphere, adding timeless class to any photos and completely transforming the way they make the viewer feel.

Whether you've bought a print as a piece of art or you have personal photographs in black and white that you'd like to display, choosing the right frame is the perfect finishing touch that will set off your picture perfectly. It's not always easy to decide on the right type of frame, and it can be surprisingly tricky with monochrome images. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

Contrasting frame and mount

When done right, this style can really make a black and white print jump out at you. There are two ways to do this that really work. The first, and most popular, is to use a black frame with a white mount. It really helps to pick out the picture's details and bring it to life. You can experiment with the size of the gap between the print and the frame, getting it just right to create the perfect effect.

A second option, not used as often as the first, is to switch the colours and go for a black mount with a white frame. While this makes the overall effect darker, it can be very dramatic and eye-catching.

Brushed silver

For modern homes, this adds a contemporary style to classic photography, helping it to stand out and demand attention. This can work well without a mount or with a black or white one.

Brightly coloured

Just because the picture is monochrome, it doesn't mean you can't add a splash of colour. For a fun, quirky twist, try a bright green, blue or even pink frame in plastic or painted wood. You could even display a series of pictures with different coloured frames.


Sometimes, a traditional-looking photo warrants a traditional frame, and plain wood is a good way to achieve this. Light, airy pine will show off your pictures without overpowering them or detracting from their content.


An alternative wood choice, walnut adds a bit more drama to the proceedings with its rich, darker colour. This is a fitting choice for grand, traditional rooms, and also makes a great companion to sepia-toned photographs, helping to bring out the reddish brown shades.

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