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Choosing the Perfect Frame for a Black and White Photo

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There’s something about black and white photography that has made it stick around long after the advent of colour film. The stark monochrome shadows and highlights create tonnes of atmosphere, adding timeless class to any photos and completely transforming the way they make the viewer feel. Whether you’ve bought a print as a piece of art or you have personal photographs in black and white that you’d like to display, choosing the right frame is the perfect finishing touch that will set off your picture perfectly. Read More»

The Importance of Recognition in Team Sport

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The age old adage that there is no ‘I’ in team certainly rings true in sport.  However, at the end of many sporting seasons many players, bar the fortunate few who win ‘Best and Fairest’ or ‘Best on Ground’ find their efforts go largely unrecognised, if not completely unnoticed.  Although this is ‘the way things have always been’ there is evidence to support the fact that recognition, in the form of general trophies and awards, can have significant position effects on sports players, and their sporting performance. Read More»